Terms & Conditions

Organikids Studio’s geographic business service activity area does not include San Diego, CA, and we are not affiliated with Organikids of San Diego, California.

Organikids Studio is all about holistic parenting, and holistic childhood development.  We facilitate from every angle, integrating physical, emotional, spiritual and psycho-educational learning processes. That being said, we are available to facilitate learning for students of parenthood, beginning from  ”the twinkle in your eye” through children in the early childhood years.  Our facility and Specialists however, are available and equipped to facilitate older students (of any age) and to parents only, or even to an entire family, via private, or semi-private appointments.  Our classes and programs run for six weeks at a time, with registration periods that vary from two to three weeks between new sessions.  This means that new classes (and some familiar ones) will be featured each six weeks.  Each six week menu of classes will be displayed roughly 4 weeks prior to it’s start date, this way we are able to accommodate the interests of the community, and offer more of what you want.

We will be closed the following holidays:

  •          Memorial Day
  •          Independence Day
  •          Labor Day
  •          Thanksgiving Day
  •          Day after Thanksgiving Day
  •          Christmas Eve Day
  •          Christmas Day
  •          Day after Christmas Day
  •          New Year’s Eve Day
  •          New Year’s Day

If there is a weather condition which restricts a majority of the class members, or even the teachers from arriving safely, the classes will be canceled for that day and will simply be made up at the end of the semester, with the order of classes remaining the same, in terms of curriculum.   If Independence Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the center will be closed Friday or Monday, respectively, if New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday the center will be closed Monday.

fee and refund policy

All classes (except for private or semi private sessions) are limited to ten student/caregivers.  Therefore, to avoid waiting lists, and ensure your spot in the class(es) please submit your registration information and a one hundred dollar deposit.  The remaining full balance of payment is required by the last day of enrollment, along with the required child profile intake form.  This is to ensure that you and your child are getting quality personal service.  Should you cancel within 48 hours (business days only) of first day of class, you will be given a refund of your one hundred dollar deposit.  No refunds are available after that time.  The center will make up all classes missed due to weather, instructor,  or facility unavailability.  However, if the caregiver/student becomes ill or unable to attend scheduled classes for any reason, refunds and make-up classes are not available.

termination policy
OrganiKids Studio anticipates smiling happy customers.  However, Organikids Studio also reserves the right to terminate the enrollment of any participant if behavior is immoral, destructive, disruptive, endangers the safety of him or herself or others or property, or if the participants cannot adjust adequately to the program, or if participants and the provider mutually agree that program or class is not in the best interest of the child.

Refunds are not available for terminated students, however, we expect only smiles and wonderful happy faces.

pet policy

From time to time the OrganiKids Studio may have fish and other fun guests like birds, lizards, ant farms, etc. Prior to enrollment, parents must notify the provider of any animal allergies, and if allergies or fears or aversions to these pet friends do occur, OrganiKids Studio will accommodate the student by removing the pet from the program and sanitizing the area.  We do not anticipate having full time feathered or furry guests, but perhaps on a one time show and tell type of basis if there are no allergies involved we might invite a fun animal to observe.  Fish will always be kept in a  closed tank.

religious policy

OrganiKids Studio does not subscribe to or practice any one particular religion or facilitate religious instruction or practices daily activities.  However,  we may offer historical or literal or cultural factual information about wisdom traditions around the world, cultural practices of world peace and health and it will be from a purely observational and factual standpoint, not to persuade or influence or encourage participation or opinion on religious practice or persuasion, but rather to offer awareness of world views.

educational policy

A developmentally appropriate curriculum will be planned according to the ages of the children enrolled. We use an emergent curriculum, which develops week by week and day by day. Activities are planned around the children’s interests and children are included in the planning. Traditional, regular art curriculum and classes are designed as a process rather than a product. You will notice the work is not all the same and not making specific “thing” for example. Our art is an experience and shows each co-creator’s own creativity. The idea is to provide the materials to the child and care-giver,  and let them practice self awareness, with our professional guided suggestion and facilitation.  Should art “therapy” be an option or something you may become interested in, this would be a private, one on one, semi-private, family or other chosen group session, facilitated by a certified art therapist.  From time to time, OrganiKids will also offer art “therapy” classes which are indeed therapeutic in nature and designed as therapy through art.  Our first one is for Expecting Parents and is on the menu for the first session.  However, as we grow, we plan to offer MANY art “therapy” classes which will promote healthy parenting techniques, cooperative behavior modification related issues, all of which would be facilitated by an art therapist.  The same is true with any issues of health, and psycho-educational testing, as we are equipped with specialists in these areas.

For children 2-12 years of age

Self-esteem and positive self-image. Children will be called by their names and games involving names will be used. Children’s art work will be displayed on a daily basis.  Social interaction. Dramatic play will be encouraged along with conversions. Self-expression and communication skills. Everything shall be labeled. Conversations shall be encouraged. Books and pictures will be used to show spoken and written language skills.  Creative expression. A dramatic play area will be set up for children to express creativity. There will be adequate time for children to choose their own creative play. Art materials will be provided everyday for children to create their own products.  Large and small muscle development. Large muscle equipment will be provided for children to use on their own Musical, large muscle activities will also be provided. Plenty of small muscle equipment will be offered for children to use.  Intellectual growth. All activities during the day will add to the child’s intellectual growth.

For children under 2 years of age

Individualized programming for infants and toddlers will include the child’s own schedule of sleeping, feeding, introduction of new foods, ways of communicating and comforting.
Language. Activities throughout the day to offer sounds, speaking to the child, smiling, pointing out objects, singing or games to promote the child’s development.
Thinking. Many opportunities to explore the child’s senses and children encouraged to grasp to enhance thinking ability. Gross and fine motor development.
Self-awareness. The child’s name will be used often and games to help the children learn who they are. Social responsiveness. Physical contact and eye contact between you an the child are essential to the progress of the classes.

health policy

Communicable diseases. When a child is suspected of having a communicable disease or condition such as, but not limited to: chicken pox, German measles, infectious hepatitis, measles, mumps, poliomyelitis, lice, ringworm, scarlet fever, whooping cough, diphtheria or meningitis, please refrain from coming to class, and notify the center as a courtesy to the fellow class members.

Personal Hygiene. Children’s hands shall be washed with soap and running water before and after, art classes, eating, and after toileting. Persons working with the children shall wash their hands with soap and running water before handling food, before and after toileting, after wiping noses, and at other times as necessary. Single use disposable gloves will be worn during contact with blood-containing body fluids. Wet or soiled clothing shall be changed promptly, when possible, placed in a plastic bag to be taken home for laundering. Diapering areas will be washed and sanitized before and after each use. These responsibilities are those of the caregiver, not the Studio.  Please help us keep our center clean and healthy by cooperating in this process

Accident or injury. Minor injuries can be treated at the center by the caregiver. Superficial wounds can be cleaned with soap and water only, and bandaged if necessary. Ice packs can be applied to bumps. Doses of TLC will be given by all participants, but any further medical attention is the responsibility of the caregiver.

Infant Sleep Position Policy.

Should your child fall asleep during a class, it is your choice to stay or leave.  Many classes have wonderful and useful information for the caregiver, and it is perfectly fine for you to stay and enjoy and learn while your child happily dreams the class away.  We have plenty of room for quick naps.

nutrition policy

Organic Nutrition and Baby/toddler food issues are a major part of the Organikids Studio curriculum.  Please do not bring outside food or drink into the center unless it is breast milk or formula, or medically necessary otherwise.

child guidance policy

Positive guidance. Positive guidance shall be consistent. Appropriate behavior is modeled by adults. Provider directed activities relating to units shall be positive guidance provided to the children.

Redirecting of children.

Caregivers are here with their students to learn modeling behaviors.  Should a child feel the need to distract the class with a tantrum or otherwise refuses to be redirected, caregivers are encouraged to remove the child to another room in the center to take a time out, and to then make the choice whether to stay or leave.

Setting clear cut limits. Children and caregivers will be introduced to rules gradually when they start at the center. Rules will be kept simple. All participants will be expected to follow all rules of the center. The facilitator and caregivers will be models for the children on all rules. Children will be reminded of rules and their purpose.  Rules will be different and age appropriate for each child.

Development of children’s self-control, self-esteem, and respect for others. Children will be spoken to at the child’s level and in a natural tone of voice by facilitators and caregivers. The children will be treated with respect, as well as individual belongings and property.

Delegation of discipline. Only the caregiver may discipline the children.

Distraught children. If a child is crying, fussy or distraught, they are encouraged to be cuddled until calmed and able to move onto another activity.  If this does not work within a few minutes, caregivers are asked to respectfully remove the child until the child becomes calm.  This policy is expected so that the class may maintain its positive energy.

Prohibited punishments. Punishment that is humiliating or frightening to a child is prohibited and is never be used by a caregiver on the OrganiKids Studio Property   This includes the following: Spanking, hitting, pinching, shaking, or inflicting any other form of corporal punishment. Verbal abuse, threats, or derogatory remarks about the child or child’s family. Binding or tying to restrict movement or enclosing in a confined space such as a closet, locked room, box, or similar cubicle. Children shall never be punished for lapses in toilet training.

what to bring

Please label all items brought to the center, just in case you forget to take them home.

In the event you forget to come equipped with the following items, we will have extras available for occasional use,  but, for the most part, and in order to keep class costs down, we ask that you make a concerted effort to provide your own supply of the following items:

  •          Diaper wipes
  •          Zip Lock Bags in to take dirty diapers home
  •          Bottles
  •          Diapers
  •          Full change of clothing including underwear and socks
  •          Appropriate clothing for getting stained and possibly ruined by paint and other art supplies

what not to bring

  •          Please do not bring toys or candy from home