Origins of Organikids Studio

Everyone learns differently—it’s as simple as that. From the way our brains are mapped to the experiences we absorb throughout life, everyone develops as uniquely as the lines and swirls that decorate our fingerprints. And, this begins the moment we’re born! From physical and emotional to intellectual, and spiritual, Organikids Studio is designed to be an incredible learning space that encourages every child’s individuality to thrive for a growing experience like never before.

From prenatal art therapy to primary school enrichment, children learn to balance left and right brain processing, develop healthy practices that lead to overall clarity, focus, joy, and a deep opening for creativity. Organikids Studio features an array of specialized and tailored programs that foster a child’s innate balance between method and creativity, strength and flexibility, and self-reliance and teamwork. Our mission is change the way that the ideas of teaching and learning play together, so that we can help sprout a whole new generation of naturally grounded children who are rooted in rich foundations and who can reach as high as the sun shines. Organikids Studio- Balanced Learning, Balanced Life.

The Benefits Begin Here… and Grow With Your Child

A new way of being and seeing starts at Organikids Studio! More specifically, Organikids Studio is great for all ages and levels from birth through pres-school:

Newborns—Did you know that newborns develop best by exploring with their senses? Organikids Studio offers opportunities for teeny babies to connect using touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight.
Infants—By practicing a movement over and over again through play, infants quickly learn how to control their bodies. Organikids Studio helps your baby master a skill, grow confidence, and happily move on to the next one.
Toddlers—Healthy toddlers begin to develop gross motor skills, like kicking a ball in a specific direction, as well as develop fine motor skills, such as using fingers and hands in a whole new way. Through active and creative play, Organikids Studio helps toddlers refine their skills to develop heartily into the next stage of growth.
Preschoolers—Activities such as drawing and painting helps develop fine motor skills, boost confidence, develops focus and concentration, and encourages social skills.
Discover more of the many benefits your child will experience at Organikids Studio:

Holistic bodily-kinesthetic intelligence (a.k.a. body smart)
Nutrition & nature education
Meditation & reflection
Multisensory awareness & processes
Communicative intelligences (a.k.a. word smart, people smart, self smart)
Verbal & non-verbal languages (a.k.a. gestures, postures, pictures)
Creative expression (a.k.a. music, art, dance)
And much more!
Contact us today to learn how we can provide your unique child with a learning opportunity that’ll make a positive impression for years to come.