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Creativity comes in all sorts of ways.

Gaining independence, playing in new environments, and cooperating with others all develop innovative problem-solving.
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Classes taught by specialized experts in every field!

Dedicated art therapists, naturopathic physicians, occupational therapists and certified educational specialists just for you.
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Thinking in bigger ways grows a healthier brain.

Colors, language, and self-expression all help with spatial and perceptual awareness, movement and more.
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Great for all ages from infants to pre-schoolers.

Specialized programs designed just for your little one.
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Yoga is great for creative movement!

Kids become stronger, more attentive, coordinated, and balanced overall.
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Welcome to Organikids Studio

Everyone learns differently—it’s as simple as that. From the way our brains are mapped to the experiences we absorb throughout life, everyone develops as uniquely as the lines and swirls that decorate our fingerprints. And, this begins the moment we’re born! From physical and emotional to intellectual, and spiritual, Organikids Studio is designed to be an incredible learning space that encourages every child’s individuality to thrive for a growing experience like never before.

Discover more of the many benefits your child will experience at Organikids Studio:

• Holistic bodily-kinesthetic intelligence
• Nutrition & nature education
• Meditation & reflection
• Multisensory awareness & processes
• Communicative intelligences
• Verbal & non-verbal languages
• Creative expression
• And much more!!

Organikids Studio

Awesome Organikids Classes!

Organikids Studio programs are based on current child development research that shows at an early age, children of all abilities learn and develop best through play exploration and positive parent-child interactions.

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